The art of being alone

Posted: 16.09.2012 in опити

At first -like in every game – rules are  simple –– you start alone. In the beginning walking is easy; soon it gets even a bit boring. Then comes the landscape. You get to know the nature and it both impresses and scares you. So for some time you’re running with the horses, trying to catch the birds, following your own footsteps on the beach, forgetting to breath at every sunset and sometimes even on the sunrises. You’re wild and free and it feels good. Then come the people. Rules get a bit complicated. You should smile. You should talk. You should impress. The last one is optional, but you want to win some extra points. Suddenly, everything gets so important, because they are here and you want them to stay. You stop racing with the wind, because you look ridiculous in their eyes. You stop singing and dancing and laughing at your own, because you’re not alone anymore. You grow up. You get hurt. You learn about the others. You find yourself. Then you get lost. You’re now on level two. You need attention, you need approval, you need love. Finding the secret treasure is a complicated task. Where to search? Whom to ask? You are all alone on that mission. Seeking and hesitating, it seems that you’ve been trying for ages… And yet, you still don’t have the key.

Games are never simple. The only basic rule – to stay alive.  That’s the key. And all of a sudden, everything becomes easier. You are on your own and for some reason, it feels good. You see the others, too, they pass through you like a wind, like a summer rain, few ones can even provoke a storm. And it all passes. Sometimes it never really ends. But you’ve already learnt – keep walking. On your own.  That’s your game. So what actually game over means?


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